Best of The SILO

Best of The SILO


Sad Clown by Olive Couri ‘18

For the final segment of the Best of The SILO series for this year, we bring you Phoebe Jordan-Reilly’s poem “Sap People,” which explores the inner workings of forest secrecy. Jordan-Reilly is a current junior studying poetry. We’ve paired her poem with Olive Couri’s painting Sad Clown, a little dude on the search for much needed love and affection.

Sap People 

There’s a file on me made of bark,

oozing amber, full.

I get comfort from those who are still

in the woods

from the way they bite the hot bent

thighs of the birch, how they swell

and march for the pods in the brush.

Today I outlaw the pin.

I’ve seen ruptures

and sewers of gum.

If I don’t keep my legs crossed like this

blue locusts come spurting out.

The keys drop onto the table

while you burn my fur coat.

The white paste of my mouth

sticks onto yours, touching

the fur at your cuffs, ripping

the smut from your hairy throat.

Earlier I saw the paws bat the berries

bloated in your skin; I caught seed.

Believe me, I am waiting for the fluff,

the mess. I am never softer

than when

I’m seeping.

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